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You have a unique skill profile. In our service teams, you can serve other people and, at the same time, get to know new people and develop your potential.

Our service teams

Children’s Church

Our heart as a kids team at the Children’s Church (Königskinder) is to invest in children and help them develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus. In addition, we also want to keep an eye on the family behind each child, build relationships with them and support them. There are a variety of ways you can get involved in the FCG’s Kids & Family area: Singing & dancing / video & sound technology / proclaiming God’s word / building relationships with children and parents / family events in our church & in our city by helping to shape & organize.


Our heart, as the Evidence team, is to shape and strengthen teenagers’ identities, pass on the foundations of faith to them and create a space for community to emerge and friendships to grow. Evidence is for all teens aged 12-15 and takes place every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (It starts half an hour earlier than the 11:30 a.m. Church Service to have a chilled and relaxed time together) In addition, we occasionally do group activities with the teenagers outside of Sundays. There are many ways you can get involved: helping to prepare the program (games, Bible topic) / building relationships with the teens / organizing community activities.

Real | Youth Church

Do you want to inspire teenagers aged 13 to 18 for Jesus, bring them closer to the real God, help them take real steps in faith and find real life in it? Then you’ve come to the right place at REAL, our youth church. Become part of the team and invest yourself in the lives of young people every Friday evening and help the young generation in Frankfurt get to know Jesus.


This friendly team loves people and enjoys not only welcoming each guest but helping them become a part of FCG and taking a next step. This team works at the information point or when reaching out to people in church area and the Raum & Zeit Lounge. If you are open-minded, humorous and have a heart for integrating new people, this team is the right place for you.


Through their efforts, this serving team creates an atmosphere in which every visitor feels welcome. It’s about being a good host, e.g. providing drinks in the foyer, setting up chairs, keeping the house clean, handing out flyers and of course greeting people. The goal is for everyone to feel at home. Leaving a good first impression, signaling your willingness to help and welcoming people is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Prayers / Blessings

This team is a true blessing to the community. After the services, they pray for people who would like to receive prayer and blessings and to respond to what they have previously heard or decided. They also pray during the service that guests will come to know God. If you are a passionate prayer, you will love serving on this team.


This dedicated team provides visitors with coffee or soft drinks, delicious pastries and/or delicious meals. The aim is to create an atmosphere in our Space & Time (Raum & Zeit) Lounge in which people enjoy talking to others after the service and getting to know each other. If you love giving guests a friendly smile and making them, feel comfortable, you will thrive in this team.

Connect-Group Support & Follow Up

This administrative and people-oriented team takes care of all guests who have filled out a contact card during the church services and the contact requests or connect group requests that come in via the homepage. If you would like to assist in making easy for guests to arrive and find their home at FCG, we look forward to your support.

Next Steps

This team wants to help guests take the next step in their faith through Next Steps. Because the desire of the church’s heart is that people find their calling. If you are open-minded, conscientious and have a heart for helping people discover their purpose, you can make a valuable contribution to this team.

Starting-Point / Alpha

In this team we help and accompany people who are at the “starting point” of their faith. During these personal and specialized Connect Group, we not only have great fellowship together and explore the Christian faith, but also want to get to know and deepen our relationship with God. Other tasks include hosting the participants in the YOU5 Lounge and organizing the evenings with snacks and drinks.

Online Campus / Youtube

With the live streams of our church services, we also launched our online campus. This area is currently under being built up and we are already celebrating the first stories of people who got to know God and our church online, gave their lives to Jesus and are now part of connect groups or teams. Our passion as a team is to create an atmosphere of welcome for all visitors to our online church services with hospitality, support and prayer. We believe that God touches people and changes lives far beyond the boundaries of our four church walls, down to the TV couch, cell phones or tablet of our viewers. To make this possible, we are active as hosts and content managers on our online campus and via YouTube in editorial preparation and in live chats. If you share our passion and are interested in one of the areas, we would definitely like to get to know you. Initial experience is an advantage, but not necessary everywhere. What counts is your teamwork and communication skills.

Editorial / Social Media / Design

As a church, we communicate the best and strongest message in the world and our heart as a team is, to communicate this message in a modern and activating way through design, conception and editorial support. We take care of and build our church’s website and social media channels (content, design, conceptual). We are designers, photographers, videographers, directors, editors, copywriters, poets, thinkers, concept developers, content managers, social media managers, creative dreamers and digital natives. Do you find yourself anywhere? Then we would like to get to know you. Initial experience is an advantage, but not necessary everywhere. What counts is your passion for creative communication, conception and your ability to work in a team and communicate.


This team has our older heroes in the foreground and loves to arrange group meetings and outings/trips for them, where there is always time for good conversation, delicious food and spiritual input. The goal is to build or maintain relationships and be there for each other.


This caring team looks after people who are no longer able to attend a church service; for example: due to illness. They invest time and energy in appreciating people and thus live the point of charity in a very practical way.


This passionate team helps those attending our church services and other events celebrate, worship and encounter God through music. Is it your heart’s desire to lead people into the presence of God with praise and worship with your voice and/or instrument? Would you like to use your spiritual gifts and musical talent in this area? Then we would definitely like to get to know you.


The production area consists of the audio, video, lighting and ProPresenter team and is currently being set up. Together, we ensure from a technical perspective that visitors to our church have the best possible experience. Our heart is to use our passion for technology to do everything we can to ensure that people experience life-changing moments of God in our church services and other events. Are you interested in taking a look at the production teams audio (studio or live mix), video (camera, picture direction), lighting technology or ProPresenter (presentations on screens, screens and video walls)? Then we would like to get to know you – we have a heart for nerds and creative people. Initial experience is an advantage, but not necessary everywhere. What counts is your enthusiasm for technology.


We want to be good stewards and be responsible stewards of the resources God entrusts to us. For this to work, there are many different gears that have to mesh together to ensure everything runs smoothly. Are you good at organizing or do you like ticking off to-dos? Do you have a talent for structure or love it when processes work well? Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to speaking with you.

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