Courses and Seminars

Get to know the FCG and deepen your faith!

We want to live as a church family and grow together in our beliefs. That is why we offer courses and seminars where this is possible. Get to know us as a church, find your place and get a running start with Jesus and the Bible! Find out which of the offers matches your needs and register now!

Next Steps

We have it on our hearts to give you the opportunity, to get to know us and that as quickly as possible. NEXT STEPS takes you in four steps through the most important things you need to know about us, as the FCG Frankfurt: our belief, our vision, how we live together, how to unlock your potential and how you can become a part of our church. NEXT STEPS takes place in the first four Sundays of the month after the second service in the YOU5 Lounge. You can join at any time, without registration and regardless of which step is currently being covered.

Next steps compact

On specified appointments we also offer the possibility to take all four of our Next Steps courses in a compact format. In two to three hours, we go through all the material of the four courses in one go. When possible, we also offer a child-care service in parallel to this appointment.


Everything in our lives, at some point, has a starting point. We sometimes forget that our belief also had a beginning. What if, you could find a new starting point for your belief? Starting-Point is an eight-week series of meetings in which you can examine your belief in Jesus. If you are looking for God or coming back to God, then Starting-Point is the right place for you. Together, we address key issues of faith and our lives. Register now and join the discovery journey!

Discipleship Circle (Jüngerschaftszirkel)

This is circle training of a somewhat different kind: Although perseverance is part of the overall approach, the Jüngerschaftszirkel is much more than sports. In fellowship, we want to learn and train in the essential elements of discipleship. Don’t be afraid, this is completely muscle ache free, but is filled team spirit– exactly like Jesus’ example. In 3 modules, consisting of 12 areas, it’s possible to join when it works for you, with the goal of growing together as a group and getting personal. Here you can find out more about the exact course content and sign up for upcoming modules:

Base-Leadership Class

Would you like start or lead a Connect-Group? Or take over the responsibility of a unique service group? Then join us for the next Base-Leadership Class. Here you can find out how we live as leaders, which values we follow and which steps you can today to start taking on more responsibility. The class normally takes place at the end of the Connect-Group trimester.

Leadership Training

Regardless of whether you see yourself as a prospective leader, just had your first experience as a leader, or have been active in this role for some time now: Together, we want to travel on an exciting journey to the world of leadership with you. We will discuss, among other things, about callings and motives, the development of a personal leadership style, and how to guide oneself and others and develop core competencies such as communication, teamwork and decision-making capabilities. If you are interested, e-mail us and we will get back to you with more information!